In this episode is we’ve got Noah Sansait. He’s a 15x World Champion, member of East-West Karate, Team Revolution, the Pulse Performance Team, and a member of the OKF Provincial Team for this year. Earning his junior black belt by the age of 9, Noah is no stranger to dedication or hard work. If you’ve wondered what it takes to achieve this much success at the age of 13, while still having a life and having fun, then this episode is for you.

Listen as Noah spill it on…

  • How many Coaches he has and why it’s important

  • How Covid19 has impacted him as a Martial Artist

  • How he calms his nerves before competition

  • Whether attitude is a factor in winning or not

  • Would he rather be Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan

  • What he does to stay motivated

And much more…

Show Noah some love and follow his journey

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