In this episode is we’ve got James Timothy Testino. Otherwise known as JT or James Timothy Voice Bloke! He’s a 2x Canadian Pizza Box Folding Champion, and an insanely talented Voice Actor.

Before COVID19 hit, JT was lending his unique talents to Zen Za Pizzaria and preparing to travel to Las Vegas where he was set to compete for the title of World Pizza Box Folding Champion at the International Pizza Expo. The onset of the pandemic put that dream on hold but, not his ingenuity, creativity, or courage. If you’ve felt disheartened or defeated by all that has happened since the pandemic was declared, and are craving some inspiration… then this episode is for you.

Listen as JT spills it on…

  • Realizing Covid19 created the perfect time to shift careers into Voice Acting

  • What he did to get started in the industry

  • The basic tools all Voice Actors should have

  • What he does to stay motivated and focused when working alone

  • What it was like growing up in the UK

And much much more…

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