[Season 2: Episode 2]

In this episode, we are joined by LA-based Indie Rocker Maddie Ross!

Described “The Best DIY Rockstar You’ve Never Heard of” by Billboard, her self-released debut album went on to be named billboard.com’s #5 Best Album of 2019.

Maddie began writing and releasing songs in 2014 upon discovering her queer identity. Until that time, Ross hadn’t seen liking girls as something cute or romantic because she had no model for it. She’s stated that “Growing up, the word ‘lesbian’ meant something shameful at worst, and tolerable at best. It became her mission to release music showing feminine, powerful queer women in a fun, positive light.” Ross’s inclusive lyrics and upbeat music have been praised for filling the gap in representation that she lacked in her own youth.

On ally-ship “I think we all just need to be open and receptive to listening to people when they say that what we are doing is harmful or marginalizing them”

If you’ve wondered about writing, recording, and releasing music as an independent artist, or what it takes to be confident expressing who you are, then this episode is for you.

Listen as Maddie Ross spills it on…

  • What was your favorite part about touring with KT Tunstall?

  • Were you nervous at first to start writing music that focused on normalizing queer life?

  • How would you suggest that people find a way to feel safe in a school, community or industry where they are out but also where the environment isn’t so tolerant?

  • What was the inspiration behind your latest single “ears bunny“?

  • What is your biggest musical challenge?

  • If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

  • …and so much more!




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