KT Tunstall Captures Youthful ‘Punk Spirit’ in New ‘Human Being’ Video

“My vision for the video was to create a mirror between a young, crazy-talented, bold little girl, and link that burgeoning energy to a band of warrior women who have achieved their goal of turning their young talents into something very real and powerful as working musicians and performers,” Tunstall said of the video in a statement.

KT Tunstall Channels Warrior Energy in Her New “Human Being” Video

Tunstall directed the video herself, and recruited an eight-year-old martial artist, Eccaia Sampson, to showcase the “warrior female energy” she continually refers to when describing the themes of WAX.

Not a conventional past time…

For the uninitiated, nunchucks, or nunchaku, are a martial arts weapon of Japanese origin that consist of two sticks connected at one end by a chain or rope that were originally used as farming implements on the island of Okinawa.

Eccaia however, offers a different description.


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