[Season 2: Episode 1]

In this episode, we are joined by the incredible nunchaku practitioner, Pascale Mullor better known as “Petit PatapOn”. When Pascale began her nunchaku journey, she did not have a martial arts background. Unaware of the rules, she focused on the freedom of expression, creativity, and artistic experience that the nunchaku provided.

With a love of Poi and the Devil sticks, Pascale viewed the nunchaku from an artistic point of view and as a means to express herself. Her desire to challenge herself and become the person she knew she could be, drove her to train more than 10 hours per week for the first 2 years.

Pascale would love to see freestyle nunchaku become a discipline embraced the world over because the personal benefits are so widespread; improving dexterity, creativity, concentration, equilibrium, and allowing those who use them to realize and reveal their own artistic style.

Disclaimer: This episode has been recorded in the french language. Without knowledge of french, listening may result in temporary confusion followed by a deep desire to learn a new language. 🙂

If you’ve wondered about the world of nunchaku, and could use a dose of motivation and a mindset check, (and you speak french) then this episode is for you.

Listen as Pascale Mullor spills it on…

  • Les nunchucks ne sont pas l’arme d’arts martiaux la plus utilisée. Pour quoi vous a décidé à apprendre de les utiliser ? Y a-t-il une histoire ?

  • Quels conseils donneriez-vous à quelqu’un qui souhaite apprendre à utiliser les nunchucks?

  • Selon vous, quelle est la raison la plus courante pour laquelle les gens échouent ou abandonnent?

  • Si vous pouviez dîner avec 3 personnes mortes ou vivantes, qui serait t’il et pourquoi?

  • Si vous pouviez avoir un panneau d’affichage avec ñ’importe de quoi dessus, quoi serait desous et pourquoi?

  • Si vous pouvez vous mettre à ma place, qu’auriez-vous demandé que je ne l’aie pas demonde aujourd’hui?

  • …and so much more!



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