Imagine a Life Without Limits

A life free from bigotry, racism, misogyny, subjugation, and oppression. Where your voice is heard around the world. They say we’re just kids. What do we know? We know what we’ve been taught. We know what we’ve witnessed. We know what doesn’t feel right and what needs to change.

That is what we know!

We also know that we are only limited by our belief in our own capabilities. We are the future and when we choose to educate, empower, inspire, and lead by example…positive change is possible!

Who I AM

Founder of PINKLOGIC, and Host of Spill it!

A self-described rebel with a cause, Eccaia Sampson is a 4x World Champion Martial Artist, Actor, Entrepreneur, and Influencer who is committed to shattering gender stereotypes and ending inequality.

Eccaia is best known for her double nunchuck performances with the Barenaked Ladies and her starring role in KT Tunstall’s Human Being music video.

What I Do

I’m more than “just” a little chuck girl. I’m a first-degree black belt, actor, stunt performer, tricker, archer, advocate for Women and Girls, and …I’m the creator and host of Spill it! with Eccaia.

We are the sum of ALL our parts. That’s what makes each of us truly amazing!

Eccaia Sampson

The Martial Artist & Tricker

Eccaia Sampson

The Performer

Eccaia Sampson

The Actor

Eccaia Sampson

The Entrepreneur & Influencer

Why I Do It


I want my echo to make a wave of impact.

I’m taking a stand for what I believe in, and I’m determined to make a difference for Girls around the World.

We are not all sugar and spice as my Mom constantly reminds me. We are not fragile or fearful unless taught to be.

We are innovators, creators, educators, and leaders. We are the future and that future – when we work together – will be infinite!

To help make that a reality, $3 (three dollars) from the sale of each piece of my #PINKLOGIC merchandise will be donated to a predetermined non-profit organization that supports the empowerment, education, wellness, and equality of women ( and children ).

Change Happens When We Choose to…

  • Speak up and speak out against oppression

  • Promote individualism, diversity and equality

  • Stand against all forms of abuse without exception

  • Challenge stereotypes and all forms of subjugation

I am committed to using my platform to not only inspire, empower, advocate for all Girls but, to also support those who continue to strive for change; and who work to positively impact or impart change in the lives of Women and children at home and around the Globe.

Creating Trends in Confidence

Confidence isn’t something that you’re born with, it’s developed. It’s the belief in oneself and one’s powers and abilities.

So why do so many women and girls lack self-confidence? Society teaches us to believe that we are not enough. We need to be more, or different than we are, and that there are CAPS to what we can achieve…simply because of our gender.

Those are lies we’ve been made to believe. Time to educate, inspire, and shatter stereotypes, spreading confidence like confetti so that “compare and despair” is a thing of the past and we can all RISE together!


Spill it!


Our mission is to give Performers a platform to share their stories. Their highs/lows, struggles/successes and uncover what it takes to harness, control, and use our personal skill-sets to achieve ultimate success. Even under adverse conditions.

Get Ready to Spill it!

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